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Australian Flute Conventions are held every three years at Easter in an Australian Capital City. Each state flute society or guild can bid for right to host a convention. The main objectives of the Flute Conventions are to promote an interest in and appreciation of the flute and flute playing. Leading flautists from Australia and overseas give performances, masterclasses, lectures and demonstrations. There are also displays of instruments, accessories and sheet music.

The 1st Australian Flute Convention, held in Sydney at Easter 1973, was the first flute convention held anywhere in the world. The National Flute Association (USA) was founded in Elkhart on November 18th, 1972 by Mark Thomas; their 1st Annual Convention was held in California at Anaheim in 1974. The British Flute Society was founded in January 1983 by Trevor Wye.

Australian Flute Conventions have been held in: