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Flute Australasia

Commencing in April 1995, the Australian Flute Society produced a bi-annual magazine, 'Flute Australasia'.  In December 2003 publication of this magazine was discontinued for financial reasons.

Flute Focus

Mary O'Brien, President of the New Zealand Flute Society, has undertaken to issue a replacement magazine called 'Flute Focus'.  This is issued four times each year and costs NZ$20, plus NZ$10 for international subscriptions, for 4 issues.  E-mail Mary O'Brien at or write to
'Flute Focus', 112 Postman Road, Dairy Flat, RD 4 Albany, New Zealand.

State Magazines

Most State flute societies publish their own peridical.

Details can be obtained from the respective society

Register of Historic Flutes

Compiled by Robert Brown this document contains a listing and details of historic instruments in Australia

Download an Adobe Acrobat File (pdf) or this document